More about us


Why does the organization exist?

To ensure a high quality of life to all our collaborators, providers, clients and partners.

To be a model within the flexible packaging activity, providing high performance machines supported by a service which can transmit security, characterized by the result in time and sustainability.


What do we want the organization to be?

To be a leading company nationally with global repercussion, in constant growth, distinguished by supplying quality products and excellent services to our clients, opportunities of personal development to all our members within a comfortable working environment, sustained profitability; acting with social responsibility.


What we believe in and how we are

1. Service attitude to the client.
2. Team work
3. Respect and harmony among members
4. Commitment to results
5. Vocation to lead
6. Integrity


ADK SRL factory of packaging machines, commits itself to maintaining and getting new clients to offer them equipment and services that fulfill their expectations, in a context of mutual respect, corporate social responsibility, respect to the environment and profitability.

The Quality Policy is based on the following directives:
1. Satisfaction of the clients’ needs, through their identification, the fulfillment of the deadlines and the quality required.
2. Improvement of competitiveness, through the increase of productivity and the upgrade of the quality of our products and services.
3. Continuous improvement through the human and technological development and the new products and services.
4. Assuming the commitment of accomplishing the applicable requirements to our products and services.


Our staff, key to the productive success.

ADK pays special attention and provides resources to the integration of the most qualified people to our working team. We have no doubts that our driving work force is the people that day by day, give their best to get the best product. ADK takes a good care of that human element, favoring their personal as well as their professional development, dedicating important resources for their training and making sure of their retraining and continuous learning.


In ADK, creativity, innovation and constant update are strategic factors on which we decisively bet through the persistent effort of their development and investigation areas, in search of new knowledge and technologies that achieve the demands required by the market.
Since the beginning, ADK has been looking for the path, through the continuous development, to improve and give technological services related to the packaging equipment.


Our company has recently been placing special emphasis in developing this important area, taking into account how harmful an out of service equipment can be, even for a short period of time.
Because of this, we have created a service system with technicians that can cover a large territory of our country, with professional assistance and high quality.

We count on:
» Spare parts distribution within the country and outside of it through monitored shipment, which can assure a rapid delivery to the client.
» Our own and centralized customer service.
» Service of preventive maintenance.
» Electronic error monitoring system via internet.


ADK offers a line of flexible products that adjust to a wide and varied market.
We currently have a line of packaging equipment that allows to make flow-pack containers, not only for thermic-sellable materials but also for polyethylene, thermo-retractable Polyolifines and cold sealing materials.
Our equipment is designed for adapting to the specific requirements of our clients’ projects, obtaining ideal results and final products.
Our machines have the robustness, ease of handling and liability, together with a great versatility in the format changes.
Entirely sanitary with an ergonomic design that makes it easy to clean them.

We provide a fundamental added value for the success of our clients’ projects.


The philosophy and working experience we carry on in the market, constantly provide new technical developments, pre and post-sales assistance and the distinguished Professional Ethics which made our trajectory possible together with our clients; who allowed us to keep consolidating in the Argentinean market, as well as abroad.

Our teams in the world:
Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brasil, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, The USA and Australia.


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How do I get there?
  • From Buenos Aires – Highway NR9 6hs aprox.
  • From Rosario - Highway NR9 2,5hs aprox.
  • From Córdoba – Highway NR9 2,5hs aprox.
  • Ezeiza Int. Airport (Buenos Aires) – Then on Highway NR9 6hs aprox.
  • Islas Malvinas Int. Airport (Rosario)- Then Highway NR9 2,5hs aprox.
  • Ing. Taravella Int. Airport (Córdoba) – Then on Highway NR9 2,5hs aprox.
  • Villa María Int. Airport (Villa María) – Then on Highway NR9 30 minutes aprox.

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